The American Static

The American StaticA rogue’s gallery of art rockers and music scene mainstays, The American Static merged sweeping melodies and dramatic orchestration with loud guitars and stylish stage personas. Band leader Jason Himes was at the center of an ever-changing lineup that at one time or another included piano, organ, viola, cello, and violin, making every American Static show was a unique experience.

They went into the studio to record Amor Espace Temps with Patrick Himes (Ryan Adams, Flyaway Minion) in2005.

The band played its final show with this lineup in the fall of 2007.

Jason Himes – Vocals and Piano
Steven Gullett – Guitar & B. Vox
Tod Weidner – Lead Guitar
Dan Stahl – Drums
Patrice Hall – Violin
Johanna Taylor – Viola & B. Vox
Tim Pritchard – Bass
Brian Greaney – Piano

Frequency Knockout
Amour, Espace, Temps