13 Treasons cover

13 Treasons

13 Treasons

1. This Is How We Ride
2. The Charlie Watts Song
3. Comet To Ride
4. Gravity Girl
5. Fuck Feelings
6. 13 Treasons
7. Radio Edit

Written/recorded/produced by S. Gullett
Mastered by Carl Saff

Star Heartless Records #1012

5 song lo-fi acoustic record by Steven Gullett

So Lo Fi 600
1. Trade Away
2. Portland After Dark
3. 22 Mello Ave.
4. Hermit Mines
5. Broke Boys

Star Heartless Records #1011

New collection of unreleased demos from Steven Gullett out now!

Dark Demos
1. Life Won’t Change (2013) – Attempting to write a “pop” song but I ended up going all downer on the lyrics.
2. In The Corner (1994) – An autobiographical account of what my early twenties looked like after my first band fell apart.
3. Checking Out (2005) – There are times you want to run away from it all.
4. Dream Show (2013) – Talk is cheap, it’s hard to follow through on what we want to do.
5. Walking On My Grave (2004) – I totaled my van in the pouring rain on a Halloween night and took out a tree at 10 Wilmington Place. I felt very lucky to be ok but extremely spooked as well, I was off Jack Daniels for a while after that misadventure.
6. How’d We Get Here (2005) – Just when you think you aren’t going to make it through, sometimes you do. For my wife.
7. Grand Design (1998) – I had an old upright piano for a few years, it had to be tuned down a half step so the soundboard wouldn’t crack. This is a song written by 2 of best friends from college.
8. Disappearing Glow (2013) – It’s hard to keep finding novelty in life; you may have to look a little harder as the years go on.
9. Look Out Below (2005) – If all these people I hang out with are going to Hell then look out below.
10. Hip Gloss (1999) – Written in the months after my Mom passed away, I had forgotten about this song until I found it on a 15 year old CD.
11. Fall Away (2011) – A piano ballad about being young and insecure.
12. Worse Than It Seems (2005) – Recorded at 3 in the morning on my reel to reel machine. As you can hear the tape runs out and off the reel right at the end, thought it was a nice effect.

Available now on Amazon, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

Front CoverA new 6 song EP from Steven Gullett will be released May 21, 2013. Nowhere To Go But Here is the eighth release from Star Heartless Records and its first digital only title. This will be the the 6th album from Steven Gullett and his first since 2011’s Secular Jukebox.

Track listing is:

It was recorded at Star Heartless West by Steven Gullett and mastered by Carl Saff.