Dark Demos 1994-2013

New collection of unreleased demos from Steven Gullett out now!

Dark Demos
1. Life Won’t Change (2013) – Attempting to write a “pop” song but I ended up going all downer on the lyrics.
2. In The Corner (1994) – An autobiographical account of what my early twenties looked like after my first band fell apart.
3. Checking Out (2005) – There are times you want to run away from it all.
4. Dream Show (2013) – Talk is cheap, it’s hard to follow through on what we want to do.
5. Walking On My Grave (2004) – I totaled my van in the pouring rain on a Halloween night and took out a tree at 10 Wilmington Place. I felt very lucky to be ok but extremely spooked as well, I was off Jack Daniels for a while after that misadventure.
6. How’d We Get Here (2005) – Just when you think you aren’t going to make it through, sometimes you do. For my wife.
7. Grand Design (1998) – I had an old upright piano for a few years, it had to be tuned down a half step so the soundboard wouldn’t crack. This is a song written by 2 of best friends from college.
8. Disappearing Glow (2013) – It’s hard to keep finding novelty in life; you may have to look a little harder as the years go on.
9. Look Out Below (2005) – If all these people I hang out with are going to Hell then look out below.
10. Hip Gloss (1999) – Written in the months after my Mom passed away, I had forgotten about this song until I found it on a 15 year old CD.
11. Fall Away (2011) – A piano ballad about being young and insecure.
12. Worse Than It Seems (2005) – Recorded at 3 in the morning on my reel to reel machine. As you can hear the tape runs out and off the reel right at the end, thought it was a nice effect.

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